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We manufacture a wide range of brewing equipment catering to the Microbrewery segment with sizes ranging from 3 HL to 20 HL and in the industrial medium and large segment category, from 30 HL to 300 HL breweries. We offer our customers a complete brewing solution ranging from water treatments enabling production of the most suitable water for brewing, customized equipment design, planning, structural compliance requirements, process control management systems, brewing training, maintenance support, and Effluent treatment systems meeting Environmental Pollution control norms.


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Beer in Belgium was first brewed in 1861 and has since then grown to become home to over 400 beers; all-different, unique and brewed with great tradition, quality and exacting standards. Belgium is also the home of the famous Trappist and Abbey beers. Belgian beers are treated with special regard and continue to win several awards every year worldwide.Belgium has a very sophisticated beer culture: In Belgium, you will find beer sold on several street corners, in most simple supermarket, restaurants and night-shops, you can find a basic selection of popular and specialty beers.

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Bright BeerTanks are also referred to as maturing tanks and are also made of SS 304 or SS 316 as desired. These tanks are designed with a dish bottom and is equipped with dimple jacketed glycol cooling system and insulated with 50 – 60 mm poly urethane foam. Tanks are fitted with high quality solenoid valves that regulate tank temperature. The cooling surface includes the cone and the bottom dish area. All tanks are fitted with high quality RTD sensors for accurate temperature indications and pressure gauges.

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Several entrepreneurs wanting to venture into the business of setting up a restaurant brewery, must note that they are embarking on running two operations under one roof- a restaurant and a microbrewery. In some states, such as Karnataka, restaurant sizes are mandated by legislation. A minimum 10000 sq ft is required for restaurants. Hotels are not required to meet this requirement. In such cases, brewery space can be allocated and designing an appropriate space for installing a brewery would not pose a serious problem. However, in other states where minimum sizes are not mandated, and restaurant space is relatively smaller, finding a suitable floor space dedicated for a microbrewery.



    PRODEB BREWERY BELGIUM is a part of the CANADIAN CLEAR group, a world leading Multi-National Corporation in Pure Water, Waste water, Soft drink, Juices, and Bottle Water. Unlike other brewery equipment manufacturer, we at Prodeb offer our customers a complete brewing solution from source brewing pure water, high end brewing equipment, Brewing Technology and training, and brewing waste water treatment in compliance with Environmental protection compliances. Through it's joint venture collaboration with Prodeb Belgium, world renowned leaders in Equipment design and..




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